Greetings on a snowy DC day!

How are you sitting right now? Where are your feet? Is your head sitting on the top of your spine?

And...are you breathing? Get up (how?) and walk around. Do you feel taller over one leg? Do you fall into one leg? Do you feel like you distribute the effort throughout your body, or does one part work a bit harder than others?

These and many other questions are explored every time you experience a group Awareness Through Movement® or private Functional Integration® lesson.

This Sunday, February 24th, I will be offering a Walking Workshop. There are a few spaces left if you wish to register by emailing me ASAP.

No Monday night or Wednesday lunchtime class next week - I'm off to visit my children for a couple of days! Please check the schedule and register here for another class.

Cheerio, and walk well!



Workshop: Sunday, 24th 2- 5pm

Put Your Best Foot Forward - a Walking Workshop

Let's review the basics of well-organized, elegant and effortless walking - the way nature meant. After all, we evolved to walk across the surface of the earth... with intention, speed and no wasted energy or unnecessary work! It's all about our habits.

We'll spend time in the studio reviewing the fundamentals of efficient walking, using the support of your skeleton. And then hit the trail for a bit - if weather permits!

And of course ginger tea and snacks will be on offer as usual. You'll also get a handout with useful reminders and tips.

Interested? There are a few spots left. Please contact me first to reserve your space, and then pay online or drop a check or cash by my studio.

When: Sunday, February 24th 2-5pm

Where: Chrish's Studio, 2814 38th Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20007

QR 360 Active Sitting Chair


At the Feldenkrais Conference this year we were introduced to a new kind of chair: an active solution designed to improve sitting comfort and ease of movement. "A body in motion stays in motion" was Newton's First Law and that revolutionized physics. This chair will keep you moving even when you are sitting. Try it out in my studio!

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10:00AM​ -​​ Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® ​
​7:00PM ​- ​Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®


12:15PM - Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®


12:15PM - Vitality! (Bones for Life®, A​wareness ​T​hrough ​M​ovement​®)


11:00AM - Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®

Location: 2814 38th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007
Cost: Series of 10 classes $200; Drop-in rate $25

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ChrishThe Feldenkrais Method® offers you a huge array of ways to explore how to move better, improve posture, reduce pain, or just simply to feel better. You may discover ways in which you limit yourself or how increasing your self-awareness can change the way you think about yourself. Take a look at the schedule of upcoming workshops at the right, invite a friend, and come and spend a rich afternoon to learn more and feel better.



The Feldenkrais Method® might be the answer for you! Feldenkrais is a mental and physical improvement system based on discovering natural, easy, efficient and pleasurable ways of moving your mind and body. It is an advanced educational approach to well-being using your brain's amazing capacity to reorganize yourself. It is based on the premise that all human beings have the potential to learn to do everything they do in easier, less effortful and more satisfying ways than is their habit. The particular way a person is "organized" to sit, stand, walk, run or speak in public, etc., reflects that person's inner state, or their self-image. Human beings have a tendency to acquire subtle and sometimes damaging physical and mental habits of functioning which can become deeply ingrained. Some habits are useful – many are not. The Feldenkrais Method® can facilitate change by creating the awareness you need to alter those habits which don't serve you well.The Feldenkrais Method® was founded by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, (Bio) an Israeli engineer, nuclear physicist and black belt in judo, who spent over 40 years researching the field of mind/body/environment integration. Using movement as a tool, he developed a step-by-step process involving hundreds of different lessons designed to improve our awareness and self-image. His method has been taught to a wide variety of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, including teachers, musicians, artists, scientists, athletes and physical therapists.

Moshe FeldenkraisDr. Feldenkrais applied his extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, physics and engineering as well as his mastery of martial arts to restore his own functioning and that of countless others.

On its basic level, the Feldenkrais Method® improves posture, coordination, flexibility and suppleness. Moreover, it alleviates pain by minimizing physiological and psychological stress associated with restricted functions. Patterns of inefficiency, compromised self-expression, and forgotten ways of feeling can all be improved.

Feldenkrais can be experienced through:

GROUP CLASSES (Awareness Through Movement®): You are verbally guided through gentle movement sequences called Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons. In these group classes, gentle exploratory movement sequences are designed to give each person more understanding of themselves. You learn to move with less pain and effort, and in such a way that changes occur in the brain patterns which organize control of your body. You will learn how to translate intention into action with ease, while getting rid of unnecessary interfering habits.

Lessons last approximately one hour. Most people take one class per week, though you will improve more rapidly if you take two classes. There are hundreds of ATMs to choose from in the Feldenkrais Method. The aim of these lessons is not necessarily relaxation, but rather healthy, powerful, easy, and pleasurable action.

(Functional Integration®): This is "hands-on" Feldenkrais to meet your specific needs. The practitioner communicates, through gentle and non-invasive touch, the experience of comfort, pleasure and ease of movement, while the client learns how to reorganize their body and behavior in new and more effective ways. The practitioner's touch is instructive and informative, never corrective. Feldenkrais practitioners are trained to detect minute resistances in your movement patterns which often represent emotional, psychological as well as physical limitations. Using highly sensitive touch and gentle, exploratory movements, you will find freedom from compulsive, imprisoning patterns. It's often a huge relief! Functional Integration (FI) lessons are particularly suitable for people with specific problems such as back, neck, shoulder or other chronic pain, movement limitations or a need to improve any type of function.